You Are Made to Move!

Happy Summer everyone! Gosh, is it ever hot out! Early mornings and later into the evenings seem to be the best time these days to get out and get moving. I know it’s hard when a work day leaves you exhausted and all you want to do is sit down to dinner and Netflix, but more and more research is finding that movement boosts your mood!

Part of the reason I fell in love with fitness and decided to incorporate it into the way I make a living is because without it, I’m simply not as happy, motivated, energetic, or mindful throughout the day.

The Huffington Post recently published an article (with creative info graphics) that discusses the science-backed way movement increases your mood. In their findings, researchers discovered regular physical activity enhances mental health, and without it feelings of anxiety, depression, confusion, anger, and a more negative outlook overall start to creep in.

Don’t think you need to hit the gym or sign up for a race (although, those are great too!) because just 5 minutes of exercise is enough to improve your mental outlook! There’s a reason I take clients on walks outdoors as well. Mother nature fosters greater feelings of revitalization, positive engagement, and energy.

Take your lunch break outdoors or simply park in the last spot at the grocery store and take the time to walk further and spend more time in fresh air. Any little bit helps.

I will leave you with the quote of the day: